Braeburn Science Fayre

Year 8 immersed themselves in a week of scientific enquiry and experimentation as they prepared for both our internal science fayre and our inter-schools science fayre. The presentations were selected by the Year 8s relating to their own interests. They then researched them and spent time creating their presentations. There were a great range of scientific aspects chosen, including explorations of erosion prevention, electromagnetic train models, acidic food testing for people suffering from stomach ulcers, an exploration of air pressure in creating patterns with smoke and knocking over objects, and a model of the human digestive system, to name a few.

The pupils from Years 1 to 7 came to admire and learn from the myriad of Year 8 presentations and were impressed with what the Year 8s had created. They left enthused about science and keen to have their own investigations.

On the Friday it was fantastic to welcome pupils from St. Andrew’s, Greensteds, Hillcrest and Kenton with their scientific presentations.

World Cup Wonders

As it is tradition, to celebrate the end of Key Stage 1 assessments, Year 2 children and teachers have a Mini World Cup Football Fun Day with their counterparts at Braeburn Garden Estate (BGE). As the Women’s World Cup is going on in France, this year's timing of the Year 2 Mini World Cup is particularly timely.

The weather was warm and sunny - perfect for the day. Every child in Year 2 from both schools played at least three matches of 15 minutes in their pools and the progressive stages. After the elimination stages, teams moved to the quarter finals and then semi-finals; all the matches were entertaining and fun to watch.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for came with Germany (Team BGE) taking on France (Team Braeburn School) for the finals! Both teams played amazingly well. It was a very tense game with chants of BGE and BGR all around! The game was at 0-0 for a long time. Then Michelle of Braeburn School shocked us all with her brilliant goal to put Braeburn School up at 1-0. There would have been more goals but the defense from both sides was super tight. The final whistle saw Braeburn School pupils jump into a dance as they knew they were taking the trophy back to Gitanga Road as promised to Mr. Bailey earlier that morning.

All in all everyone had a great day. Lots of talent was on display and a lot of fun was had by all, but above all new friendships were born.

Thank you to all the parents and guardians who came to support us at BGE.

Congratulations to Team Germany for a game well played and to Team France for ensuring we brought back the Mini World Cup trophy! Toutes nos félicitations!

Mathematical Marvels

After being chosen from Year 7 and 8 after an in-school competition, the Braeburn team of 4 travelled to Nairobi Academy on Thursday 6th of June for the annual Junior Maths Challenge.
First up in the competition were the Year 7 and year 8 individual challenges, followed by a team challenge. The individuals performed strongly with Jiwon winning the Year 8 category, Albion coming in 3rd in the same age group and Shlok taking 2nd in the Year 7's.
In the overall team competition there were excellent contributions from each of the team members which saw Braeburn School once again take the shield as competition winners. A brilliant achievement by Shlok, Rafe, Albion and Jiwon.
It was very pleasing to witness our two Year 7 students address all the visiting students and teachers so confidently over the microphone at the end of the challenge to give their feedback on the day.

Under 15 Rugby Team Success

This year's team has started extremley well, registering wins with Peponi, Hillcrest, Strathmore at Braeside in League matches. Coach Ianto Jones from Wales, has been very impressed with the boys overall commitment to training and this has led to an outstanding win at the recent Hillcrest Tournament. This is the first time that Braeburn has won on Hillcrest soil at this event, scoring 4 magnificent tries in the final against Hillcrest.

Last week they also played well at the KAIS tournament at Braeburn Garden Estate and although physically dominated a strong Turi team, they unfortunately lost in the Semi finals. The boys will be looking at learning from the day and beating Turi on StAndrews soil at the approaching Turi 7s tournament.

Mental Well Being At Braeburn

Mental Health Week has seen Braeburn students undertake a series of engaging and thought-provoking activities. During Form time, students attempted the ancient art of origami, discussed the idea of ‘gestures of kindness’ through ‘paying it forward’ and taken time to self-reflect on the things they love about themselves. All these activities have been designed to help students  think in the present as well as to boost self-esteem and confidence.

At Lunch times, students took part in activities from mindful colouring to the challenging task of Sudoku. On Thursday two Yoga teachers came to school to deliver a lesson to nearly 30 students.

This was a huge success not only bringing relaxation but demonstrating how exercise can be a powerful tool in the promotion of good mental health. In the future, we hope students  have learned to become more confident in understanding how to take care of their own mental health.