FAB Work in the Community

Braeburn School Primary FAB Community
Six charities are benefitting from the superb fund raising on FAB's Cinema Sunday Carnival last term. Amongst them is Sparsh. Sparsh is a not-for-profit organization, committed to help mentally and physically challenged young adults to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent.
They make paper crafts - beautiful envelopes, decorated paper bags and thank you cards.   
We donated 20,000 Ksh which they are using to hang blinds on their outdoor patio, creating even more workspace.  
Remember them next time you have a function and need gift bags.  They take personal orders!  Also, they have three talented chocolatiers in their midst and you can place orders for Eid or Diwali! 

Music Festival

Braeburn School Primary Music

On Thursday,10th of May, a group of 19 members of the ‘All Shook Up’ cast, took part in the Brookhouse Music Festival. They performed ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from the musical, which was very well received by the audience. Two members of the choir were amongst a small group of singers made up from all the schools who performed the communal song ‘This is me’.

Although this festival is not a competition, some helpful feedback is given by two adjudicators, and this year they had a lot of positive comments for the Braeburn performance, with only an encouragement to overcome their nerves a little and enjoy their performance more and to be more expressive. The children made the most of the festival by carefully watching and appreciating the performances of the other schools so they could pick up ideas and pointers of what works well and not so well in delivering songs on stage, so they can further improve their technique and style.

Mini Netball and Rugby Clinics

Braeburn School Primary Sport

Nearly 60 sport enthusiasts enjoyed a wonderful sports clinic on Saturday morning. Our PE staff, supported by class teachers and Year 8 pupils, provided the boys and girls from Years 1, 2 and 3 with a range of fun games to develop their rugby and netball skills.  

This was the first of our sports clinics and we were excited to see such a great response from the children, both in how many attended and the joy, success and development they received from them. We are very much looking forward to our next clinic later in the term.

Planting Seedlings for the Future

Braeburn Primary School Scouts Primary Community Conservation
For a fifth year in a row, Braeburn scouts have partnered with Karura Forest in the effort to reintroduce indigenous and original tree species in the forest. Of the 1,047 hectares, 60% is covered by exotic trees which were planted to help in energy generation by the Europeans back in the 1940s. The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) in conjunction with the Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) have embarked on reintroduction of the original species, hence our outing.
Last week, 56 seedlings were added to by our scouts to a cleared section of the forest. Over the past five years, thanks to Braeburn scouts and their parents, we have planted close to 500 trees.


Both under 15 teams and under 19 teams were entered and our younger team should be very proud of their performance making the semi final and having to play the might of our older, under 19 team. The future of Netball at Braeburn is certainly bright.


The under 19s swept aside the opposition in the group matches including Hillcrest and Greensteds and finallly faced a strong Brookhouse in the final. This team, they had lost to in the final last year. The first half was a tight game and the girls led narrowly thanks to some excellent under pressure play from Kamba and Danai. As always Jane Hakim made it very difficult for the Brookhouse assaults on their D. At half time coach Ms Ogot made a risky tactical change, moving Jane Hakim from goal defense to goal shooter. Brookhouse had no answer and the final score moved to 10-4.


Well done to the girls for another legendary effort.