Braeburn at the Middle School Model United Nations

Last week, 16 of our students from Year 7/8, joined their 8 counterparts from Year 9 to form the Braeburn School delegation to the 24th Annual MSMUN Conference at UNON-Gigiri. Our students represented Benin, Gambia, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago and Russia. We were fortunate to also have two student officer positions – Press Corps (Mahpara Khattak) and Security (Izaak Lumumba). 

Prior to the conference our students had worked very hard to prepare their resolutions as well as polishing their parliamentary procedure and debating skills. This paid off as for the first time in over 20 years of the program at the school we managed to have 5 out of 6 of our resolutions approved for the conference.  

At the conference, our crisp and executively dressed delegates battled it out in the conference rooms discussing various issues of global significance. They watched and listened to inspiring presentations by their fellow students, as well as motivational speakers from many different fields. They sharpened their debate skills, made new friends, improved their confidence and widened their awareness of global affairs. At the end of the day, some of them attended the closing dance at Hillcrest where they celebrated a week of hard work.

Braeburn scooped three prestigious awards: two for Best Delegate – Bereket Daniel and Akshit Shukla and one for Best Writer - Noah Molla (Year 9).MS-MUN Assembly

Congratulations to all our student delegates and their teachers; they did a superb job!


IGCSE Trial Examination results day attempted to reflect the real life experience with students receiving their true IGCSE examination grades as if it were August. I am very happy to say that the examination grades in the current year 11 showed great promise. I wish to thank and praise all Parents of year 11, who attended the parents evening. I personally witnessed many very positive and engaging discussions. This will undoubtedly assist your children to improve and better their results in the May/June final examinations.



Mathematics                        9A* 6A 1B

Development Studies          3 A*

"It is with much pride and pleasure that I write to congratulate the Year 11 students who sat the November series IGCSE Examinations in Development Studies and Mathematics.  Early entry is by no means an easy choice. Whilst their peers were enjoying the long summer break and the start to the new academic year, these students were revising, completing past papers, and working with their teachers, before, during and after school in order to complete in some cases, a mere 9 months of teaching, courses that traditionally students complete in 2 full academic years. 

Hard work, dedication and resilience were the key characteristics embodied by all sixteen students and their exceptional results are a just reward.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr Jonathon Bridger, Mr Ian Stamp and Mr Phil Treacher for the help, support, and dedication they showed in preparing the students so well in such a short period of time.  Once again, staff and students prove why Braeburn is such an exceptional school."


We also had another exciting Inter House Debate, which once again controversial and interesting for all concerned. A special point of note that a Year 10 student was named as Best Speaker for the day and Essey Molla should be very pleased and proud of this talent, which is steadily developing at Braeburn.


French Verse Speaking

It was very impressive to witness our students reciting in French by heart. We certainly encourage student to step out of their comfort zones but speaking in front of over 100 people on a stage and in a foreign language and by the use of memory confirmed the type of driven students we have at Braeburn. Thank you to Ms Peron who inspired and captured the interest of the students to perform.