Mega Time at Mega Camp

Located at 6,999 feet above sea level in Naro Moru, Batian's View Camp on the base of Mt Kenya was the site for the annual Braeburn Schools Mega Camp. Four Schools converged at the site to forge friendships amongst scouts and learn some outdoor activities.
The camp ran from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th January. The programme of activities was exciting, with scouts zip-lining, sky-walking, building shelters and cooking their own dinners. The scouts took it all on with great pride and energy, finishing all the tasks wonderfully. 
To cap this, they managed to take a hike to the pine forest nearby and enjoy the view of majestic Mt Kenya and the rolling Aberdare Range opposite. They appreciated the fresh air that was on offer as well as delicious and energy giving meals.
They never forget that they are scouts and since they were in the neighbourhood of where the founder of the scout movement lived, they paid a visit to Nyeri to see his house and where he was laid to rest when he died. In the lush grounds of Outspan Hotel in Nyeri, they visited 'Paxtu' the last home of Lord Baden Powell. Here, they imagined how life must have been with the help of Mr Benson from Outspan Hotel. They noticed that Baden Powell was in love with Mt Kenya, because on the verandah, they could see, through the tree branches, the glorious mountain. At is final resting place, three kilometres away, they noticed that he was buried at a site which ensured that Mt Kenya was visible.
The scouts hugely enjoyed the trip and learnt many things about the great outdoors.

Hockey Clinic

Over 60 enthusiastic children from Years 1 to 3 had a fantastic time developing their hockey skills on Saturday 19th January. They worked on their dribbling ability, striking, passing and control skills. They then put all of these together in match situations.

They were coached and supported by their class teachers, teaching assistants and the PE teachers, with lots of parents encouraging them from the sidelines. 

We are already very much looking forward to our second clinic for the Year 1 - 3s later in the term.


Braeburn's policy of accelerated mathematics continues to impress. As students enter the secondary school, students have already been identified as possible accelerated learners. They are streamed into a Top Set and when they eventually begin their IGCSE syllabi, it is planned that they will complete the course at the end of year 10.

Those students who have managed to maintain high standards through this intense period are asked to apply for the early sitting of Mathematics in October prior to the final examinations in May. This allows them to commence the A level syllabus in year 11 and further, an option to do Further Mathematics in Year 13.

We are very happy to announce that ALL candidates this year scored an A* or A in this years early sitting of IGCSE Mathematics.

Ashar Asjad          A*

Xinyang Kong       A*

Rohaan Islam        A*

Akshat Jain            A*

Paridhi Jain            A*

Essey Molla            A*

Kelsi Rwanjeu         A*

Ray Susanto           A*

Lea Tanaskovic      A*

Stephen Akunda     A*

Muskan Valli           A

Sonia Nyakuramba A

Brighita Mzee          A

Jolene Harawa        A

Audrey Brown          A

Congratulations to Kelsi Rwanjeu and Audrey Brown who also scored A*s in their early sitting of IGCSE Development Studies

International Secondary School Athletics Championships 2018



Kasarani once again provided the setting for another outstanding day of Athletics. Records and standards were once again raised in many areas and all teams that attended are thanked and appreciated for their efforts on the day. Braeburn team should once again be very proud of their overall performance. The under 19 Girls were champions for their age group again and the overall team performance was an excellent 2nd position to a well prepared Turi St Andrews.


What a rewarding week for the school. The entire cast and it's many assistants and helpers should be highly commended for three outstanding performances of "Jesus Christ Superstar" which commenced on Thursday in front of a schools audience and ended on Saturday Evening. Each performance steadily improved highlighting the casts great ability to take constructive feedback and self reflect leading to improved performance. The cast were rewarded with a fun party afterwards, which they deeply deserved.