The Aliens Have Landed!

On the morning of Wednesday 13th March, children and staff in Year 1 were very surprised to find that an alien spaceship had landed at school! Our very best detectives were sent to investigate the scene and secure the area. The children found green slime, orange gloop and what was suspected to be alien footprints leading away from the spacecraft. Our detectives have worked tirelessly to piece all the clues together and have created some wonderful descriptive reports based on all of the evidence.

We'll keep you updated on any further sightings...

Slice of Pi

On Thursday, 14th of March students in Braeburn celebrated International Pi Day by taking on a number of maths challenges. Floor mazes set up in the arts building proved difficult initially but students' perseverance and problem solving skills helped many to successfully navigate the mazes.
Students' strategic thinking was further tested by the 'Towers of Hanoi' and 'Jumping Frogs' activities in the quiet area, but again students stuck to the task and the many smiling faces on the day (despite the lack of pie) were testament to time well spent.


Our participation at the EAMUN conference this year was another great success. It gave our students another forum to engage in debates on global issues like environment, economics, politics, and human rights among others. This year, the delegation comprised of 17 students and three members of staff. Braeburn was well represented in the various committees and in other roles during the conference like press corps and the executive committee.  Reanna Varsani Yr 12 was in the executive council as the Co-Chairperson of the 1st General Assembly. She delivered one of the best well-thought speeches at the opening of the conference and shared the stage with Kenya’s first lady Margaret Kenyatta, Kenya’s Education CS Amina Mohammed among other dignitaries who attended the opening and closing.


Cultural Day last Saturday was a fantastic success with over 35 performances of all kinds. Although, we always drive home our theme of great diversity on this day, many other messages were signalled as the students performed, interacted and praised each other throughout the day. An overwhelming feeling of elation, positivity and unity could be felt by all and the event made me feel very proud of our students.

The usual talent was witnessed and many cultural performances were shared from different nationalities. The students continue to inspire and this indeed motivated me to make the effort to sing "Loch Lomond". Thank you all students, who continually show enthusiasm outside of school life and all the parents who supported on the day.

IAPS U11 Hockey Champions

A hot sunny day provided the backdrop to a day of fine hockey competition as the U11 and U13 boys teams from the 10 Kenyan IAPS schools converged on Kenton College. 

Our U13s found themselves in a highly competitive group. They won two of their matches, but in a tournnament of quality play and fine margins, they were edged out of two others, resulting in a 3rd place in their group and therefore not able to advance to the semi-finals. There were strong perfomrnaces from all of the team, and four of them - Storm, Ethan, Hammet and Rafe - were recognised for their contributions by being selected to play for the Nairobi School versus the Up-Country Schools next Sunday.

The Braeburn U11s played superbly from the start, winning all of their group matches and topping their group. In the semi-finals against Kenton they played with confidence and skill but could not finish off their attacks until the first minute of extra-time when a golden goal scored by brilliantly taken by Kit sent them through to the final.

In the final versus The Banda the boys mustered the last of their energy and threw themselves into the match. As good as the attacking play was, the defence was every bit as good and stayed rock solid throughout the tournament, not conceding a single goal. This base provided the platform needed for the midfield and attack to surge forward. After a goaless first half, the tense game changed in the second with Braeburn scoring 3 wonderful goals against a skilled and determined Banda team. 

Huge congratulations to our U11 boys for their total commitment, tireless teamwork, skill and energy which led to their success. Congratulations also to Mr Jones who coached and motivated them so well. To add to the team's success, Kit was named U11 player of the tournament.