Year 5 in Mombasa

On the 14th of May, Year 5 embarked on an educational visit to Mombasa. The trip was prepared and led by the Infinity Outdoors team who organised a schedule of beach and pool games, paired with outdoor educational trips to historic and naturalistic sites.

The team had the chance to visit Fort Jesus where they learnt about the historically rich, at times brutal, past of Mombasa, and the influence it had on international trade. They also spent the afternoon exploring the grounds of Haller Park- once a quarry wasteland transformed into an ecological park. Here the children fed giraffes, observed hippos and century-old tortoises and walked through the butterfly pavilion whilst learning about the positive ecological impact of the area.

The trip was a resounding success both academically and socially. For most of the children, it was the first time travelling on a plane and staying overnight without their parents or guardians. They took it in their stride and showed independence and resilience. Furthermore, it was clear the positive impact the trip had on the unity and comeradery of the year group. They returned on the Wednesday exhausted, but with a renewed respect and understanding for each other.

A huge thanks must go to Reef Hotel Mombasa for accommodating and feeding 50 excited children and the Infinity Outdoors team for organising and coordinating such a fantastic trip. Until next year!

Peponi Chamber Music Festival

Braeburn School Primary Music Festival

The Peponi Chamber Festival was held on Saturday, 19th May at Peponi Prep. This is an annual performance for ensembles consisting of non-classical instruments, as well as classical instruments. This year, we had a group of seven children, ranging from Year 2 to Year 8, and our ensemble (as always!) was hailed as being one of the most unique! Our ensemble consisted of glockenspiels, trumpets, flute, clarinet, violin and piano.

We performed the jazz piece, ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’, in a well received performance. The adjudicators’ comments were positive and full of praise for the work the children had done. Well done to all who took part!

Sailing Club

Braeburn had nine children signed up to the Naivasha Yacht Club Sailing this year out of a total of 53 cadets (ages 7-13) representing Pembroke, Kenton, The Banda, ISK, Peponi and the Dutch School.  3 Degrees South (RYA accredited) instructors from Kilifi ran the courses for the children who were split into groups:  the beginners (Mauis), lower intermediates (Porpoises) and upper intermediates (Orcas).  The children learnt how to sail in Optimists and Lasers and all made good progress during the courses, gaining in confidence on the water and learning theory as well as the practical aspects of sailing.

The final session of the programme took place last weekend and brought all the cadets together for two days of competition, racing and on and off the water activities.  We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather and the cadets had plenty of good wind which made for some fun and exciting races.  The rain held off during the day and with so much activity, the hippos kept a safe distance too!

The Banda emerged the over all winners for the events over the weekend with Braeburn coming a close second. However, Braeburn did come home with two trophies: Rafe Garner won the Bush-Bike Spanner for coming 2nd in the Lasers over the weekend and Thomas Richardson won the Bushy Bebb Plate as the best Laser sailor over the year!

If anyone is interested in joining cadets next year, please contact me, for more information.

FAB Work in the Community

Braeburn School Primary FAB Community
Six charities are benefitting from the superb fund raising on FAB's Cinema Sunday Carnival last term. Amongst them is Sparsh. Sparsh is a not-for-profit organization, committed to help mentally and physically challenged young adults to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent.
They make paper crafts - beautiful envelopes, decorated paper bags and thank you cards.   
We donated 20,000 Ksh which they are using to hang blinds on their outdoor patio, creating even more workspace.  
Remember them next time you have a function and need gift bags.  They take personal orders!  Also, they have three talented chocolatiers in their midst and you can place orders for Eid or Diwali! 

Music Festival

Braeburn School Primary Music

On Thursday,10th of May, a group of 19 members of the ‘All Shook Up’ cast, took part in the Brookhouse Music Festival. They performed ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from the musical, which was very well received by the audience. Two members of the choir were amongst a small group of singers made up from all the schools who performed the communal song ‘This is me’.

Although this festival is not a competition, some helpful feedback is given by two adjudicators, and this year they had a lot of positive comments for the Braeburn performance, with only an encouragement to overcome their nerves a little and enjoy their performance more and to be more expressive. The children made the most of the festival by carefully watching and appreciating the performances of the other schools so they could pick up ideas and pointers of what works well and not so well in delivering songs on stage, so they can further improve their technique and style.