Annual Douglas Buchanan Maths Challenge

U9 Maths Excellence

U11 U13 Maths Excellence

Twelve Braeburn students from Years 3 to 8 travelled to Kenton College for the annual Douglas Buchanan Maths Challenge. Here they took on testing maths puzzles and competed against other schools from Nairobi, Mombasa and beyond. All the teams represented Braeburn very well and gave their maths brains a good workout.

Results wise the Year 8s won their section, the Year 4s came second and the Year 5s came third. Well done to all students who travelled.

World Scholar's Cup

World Scholars Cup

World Scholar's Cup, Global Round – Barcelona, Spain, 22ndto 27thJuly 2018

 What is World Scholar's Cup? Teams of students from over 80 countries come together each year to explore a current global theme within which are specific topics based on six subject areas (Arts, History, Literature, Science, Social Studies, Special Area e.g. Crime and Justice). The four World Scholar's Cup (WSC) tournament events: team debate, scholar's bowl (group quiz), scholar's challenge (quiz) and collaborative writing enable "students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practise new skills." (World Scholar's Cup 'Values and Vision' 2008). By bringing together subjects in team and individual events, not only do students deepen subject understanding, they also learn how to work together, connect subjects to each other and relate them to the world around us.

Fourteen students from Braeburn School travelled to Barcelona, Spain for the annual World Scholar's Cup – four from the High School and ten from the Primary. The primary school was represented by Cresent, Njeri, Ashoka, Akol, Izyan, Erica, Sherrly, Nizar, Keith and Pratham.

The pupils did the school proud in the World Scholar's Cup by emerging as 2ndin Africa; a particularly strong achievement considering the fact that this was their maiden appearance.  All the pupils won individual medals in different categories. Seven students qualified for the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions which will be held at Yale University, USA.


A group of year 12s and 13s from The 6th Form had the privilege to participate in a forum led by Dr. Lucio Esposito, a representative of the University of East Anglia, on Monday morning in the school’s lecture theatre. Dr Esposito set the tone for the morning by Introducing himself, and shared a bit about about his background. We then proceeded to a session of structured debates on topics ranging from issues of income inequality among nations and individuals to the environment. Split into groups, passionate discussions began with students arguing eloquently their side of the debate and rebutting other opinions in order to win the debate.

Dr. Esposito, however, in his intervention taught us that both sides were right as it was a matter of looking at each topic from the point of reality, logic and philosophy. After this, he gave a short lecture on the progression of the world, educating us on the developments that have occurred in the last two centuries and sharing with us the correlation between income, life expectancy, child mortality and number of births per mother. It was a truly informative session that left us questioning the myth of progress or advancement in our current society.


We are very pleased to announce that Keerat Singh will be our New Head Senator for Braeburn Secondary School for 2018-19.

Steve Gasigwa and Maya Fernandes have also been appointed as Deputy Head Senators. We wish them the best for their ambition for the Senator and Prefects team this year.



Mathew Maina 1A* 2 As

Soumyaa Veerakumar 3As

Mihir Rotagi 1A* 1A 1B

Atiyah Mukhi 2As 1B

Rita Ogao 2As 1B


Sree Sundararaman 11A*

Reanna Varsani 9A*

Camille Sharon 7A* 2A 2B

Venus Mushinzimana 6A* 3A

Mikhail Darwesh 5A* 3A 1B